The CCDS logo incorporates four symbols from ancient, pre-Mauryan India. These are the sadachakra, with its arrows pointing in and out, symbolising for us the research and communication of information for change; the sun, symbolising knowledge; the human figure, representing human rights and social action, and the tree, representing sustainable development


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The Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS) is a social change resource centre focusing on the research and communication of information for change.

CCDS uses communication tools and processes to inform, initiate and inspire change in societal attitudes and public policy. Our activities are designed to strengthen civil society by promoting a deeper understanding of issues related to sustainable development, justice, equity and rights.

CCDS disseminates ‘information for change’ in several ways: through online databases and e-newsletters, through dossiers and information packs on specific issues, through documentary film, theatre, workshops, seminars etc. All our communication tools and processes are designed to enable concerned citizens to marshall salient information, multiple perspectives and reportage, so that they can clarify their ideas and participate in drawing up an agenda for a more equitable and sustainable world.

CCDS is a public trust, registered with the Charity Commissioner, Pune, Maharashtra (Registration No E 3657, Pune).

CCDS aims to….

--Take the messages of pluralism, diversity and sustainable development to all concerned citizens, particularly youth, strengthening their capacity to institute change.

--Develop communication channels including web-based communication, newsletters, dossiers and information packages on issues of public interest, particularly those that affect the lives and livelihoods of the marginalised.

--Document civil society initiatives that strengthen gender equity, collective citizens’ action and social entrepreneurship.

--Build alliances and networks for social change, including a credible and powerful network of researchers, development activists and communications specialists who believe in social equity and sustainable development.

--Initiate and facilitate interactive and creative public spaces where students, artists, journalists, activists, development workers and public-spirited citizens can exchange ideas, network and synergise citizens’ action.

--Develop a resource centre that would provide accessible and timely information on rights, justice and development issues to activist groups, researchers, students and other citizens.

The core functions of CCDS fall into three broad categories:

  • Communication and dissemination of information on social justice and development issues to CSOs, students, researchers, media, policymakers and concerned citizens
  • Civil society outreach and building the capacity of citizens to institute social change
  • Research and documentation on social justice and sustainable development.